image001Why did you choose ACCA qualification?

After university I joined Ernst & Young as a junior financial auditor. It was actually not my choice to start with ACCA as it was part of the internal policy of EY at that time. But I already knew about ACCA from my friends who started their carrier at Big4 sooner than me. I knew that it‘s demanding but I saw that a success in exam was highly appreciated within the group of my friends. So I was looking forward to the challenge.

How do you benefit from skills gained during the ACCA studies?

After several years in audit I left EY and I am currently working as risk advisor of the management of a Czech bank. For my work I need to understand, among others, the basic concepts of corporate governance, accounting, strategy, performance management and obviously risk management. I use this knowledge on a daily basis. Regarding the soft skills, it’s difficult to say how much I can benefit from the time pressure I experienced on each ACCA exam. Working under time pressure became so natural hence I don’t even know which came first the chicken or the egg.

Would you recommend ACCA qualification?

Yes, indeed I do recommend it quite often. And I also encourage those friends and colleagues of mine who are in the middle of their ACCA studies to keep doing as it’s worth so.

What was the biggest challenge and achievement during your studies?

I got insight into several corporate management areas and high level understanding of the prevailing concepts.  I lost some free time which I found sometimes hard, especially when I spent quite nice amount of free time by producing excel spread sheets for the audits hence in the remaining few hours of the week or month I just wanted to do anything else than studying. After I left EY my free time increased so I didn’t mind to sacrifice some days for preparation for the exam. Studying went much easier afterwards. All in all, I’m very grateful to EY and ČSOB for the opportunity of studying ACCA.

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