ACCA členství je nejen o jednotlivých ACCA členech a jejich úspěšných kariérách, ale i o jejich pomoci někomu dalšímu, kdo možná neměl takové štěstí a nebo potřebuje pomoc = Give something back. Děkujeme všem ACCA členům za jejich aktivity a představujeme Květu Carzoli, FCCA, která spoluzastřešuje aktivity, na jejichž část přispívají dobrovolnými příspěvky i členové ACCA na kubových večerech.

Why ACCA Czech Republic is supporting

ACCA has been a great supporter of Give something back activites and Pexeso has been introduced to us by one of ACCA members – Kveta Carzoli. What is Kveta doing and what is see below and a BIG Thank you for your voluntary contribution which we gather at CPD events in Prague. Each hour of help we can “sponsor” is much appreciated and we truly believe that it is changing lives of children- maybe future CFOs…

How would describe your financial role in a non for profit organisation?

I’ve worked for Pexeso since 2007. First as a volunteer, later as a part time employee – Finance Manager – responsible also for fundraising. As a non-profit organization we have our specifics in the way we track and account for literally every crown that we receive from donors – either from state, municipal or private donors. Actually the institutional donors require this in their grant contracts and apply strict rules regarding how to utilize the funding. We use a similar approach when using the money from private donors. In short – the money goes where the donor deems most fit. In case of contributions from you – ACCA members – it was agreed upon to have the donations used for financing of the much needed psychological therapy for children in need. In this case every crown makes a great impact.

What benefit brings ACCA membership to you?

I certainly hope that including my education in the description of the team responsible for projects that we submit for grants, it gives Pexeso additional credibility in the eyes of donors. And it certainly helped me get my other part time job with Process Solutions where I use different knowledge acquired from my ACCA education.

Why did you choose PEXESO?

I would say that Pexeso chose me. I came first as a client of the Family centre with my – then 2 year old daughter – and basically never left. I saw working for Pexeso as a great way to keep up with my profession during my maternity leave, and then I stayed because I liked the services that Pexeso is offering. I know that the whole Pexeso team works with professionalism and enthusiasm, and I like the way Pexeso generates big benefits with restricted means.

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