We’re committed to shaping the future of the accountancy profession, and now we can proudly say we’ve unlocked the potential of 200,000 members worldwide.

This groundbreaking milestone is more than just an opportunity to highlight our achievements over the last 113 years. It’s a stage to celebrate each and every one of our members, and the 200,000 opportunities our ACCA Qualification has provided them.

So to mark this important occasion, we’re launching a global celebrating 200,000 members campaign. Our achievements over the last century are truly something to be proud of, but they’ve only been possible because of the courage and imagination of our members, past and present.

Throughout the campaign, we’re inviting all of our members to celebrate this important milestone with us, and to share what being a part of a powerful, worldwide community of 200,000 means to them.



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Odebírejte novinky od ACCA

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